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What does “Mark as Pending” mean

Mark as Pending

What Does “Mark as Pending” Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

Understanding specific labels is vital on the vibrant platform of Facebook Marketplace, where buyers and sellers merge. When looking for items for sale, you might come across listings “mark as Pending” on Facebook marketplace. But what exactly does that signify?

Facebook simplifies the process for sellers by allowing them to categorize their listings as “sold,” “pending,” or “available.” This thoughtful feature clarifies potential buyers about an item’s status.

Facebook marketplace “pending” meaning 

So, what does “pending” mean in Facebook marketplace? This label indicates that someone has expressed interest in the item and a transaction is in progress. It’s a respectful reminder for others that the item may soon find a new owner.

As a seller navigating the landscape of Facebook Marketplace, you may be wondering how to mark your item as pending. We’ll guide you through this process and explore the various options for managing your listings effectively.

Understanding Various Options for Marking Listings on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook offers various options listing marking options to their seller to mark listing items to guide potential buyers who view their listings on what action they should take, if any.

Let’s dive into different listing marking options on Facebook Marketplace.


Available” is the default status for any listing. It indicates that the item is open for purchase by anyone. Prospective buyers can reach out, inquire, and negotiate the price freely. Significantly, listings that were previously marked as “pending” or “sold” can be reverted to “available.”

Reusing Listings

If a transaction doesn’t go through, a seller can switch a “pending” or “sold” listing back to “available.” This is particularly useful if a deal falls through or a seller has multiple units of the same product.


When a seller agrees to sell to a specific buyer, the listing status shifts to “pending.” This notifies other interested users that the deal is in progress, allowing them to wait or buy if the transaction fails.

Opportunity for Others

If the initial transaction falls through, users who expressed interest earlier can proceed with the purchase.


Dispatched” signifies that the transaction has been confirmed and the delivery process has commenced. While the buyer is notified of order processing and may receive an estimated delivery time, the listing is marked as “sold” for other potential buyers.

Transaction Progress

The buyer is informed about the processing and delivery, creating transparency in the transaction.


The “sold” status indicates the completion of the transaction, with both buyer and seller satisfied. Once marked as “sold,” the listing is immediately removed from Facebook Marketplace. However, users who previously inquired about the listing can still see it as “sold.”

Archived Conversations

Seller conversations related to a sold listing are archived, streamlining the seller’s Facebook Marketplace account.

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Let’s see how to mark as Pending on Facebook marketplace.

Mark as pending Facebook marketplace: A Step-by-Step Guide

On Computer

    • Open Facebook and click on “Marketplace” on the left side of your “News Feed” section.
    • Tap on “Selling” to view the items you have listed.
    • Locate the specific listing and select the “Mark as Pending” option.
    • This action notifies anyone who messaged you about the listing, keeping them informed of its status.

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Pro Tip:  If the sale is unsuccessful, switch the status back to “Available” or mark it as “Sold.”

On Mobile App (Android or iOS)

    • Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
    • Click on the three lines to access the menu, then locate and select “Marketplace.”
    • Tap the person-like icon next to the search icon, then click on “Your Listings” under “Selling.”
    • Find the listing you want to manage.
    • Tap on the listing, click the three dots next to it, and choose the “Mark as Pending” option.

Pro Tip: Stay in control of your transactions by marking listings as “Pending” through a few simple taps on your mobile device.

Your listing has smoothly shifted from “available” to “pending,” and everyone who messaged you knows. If the purchase fails, switch it back to “available.” This way, other buyers can reach out, and you can decide whether to sell it to them.

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 In Conclusion

As a seller, mastering the art of marking listings on Facebook marketplace is a valuable tool in keeping potential buyers informed. Whether it’s transitioning between “available” and “pending” or resolving an unsuccessful transaction, these simple actions ensure effective communication.


What happens when you mark as pending on Facebook marketplace?

When you mark a listing as “pending” on Facebook Marketplace, it means someone has shown interest and a potential transaction is in progress. This status informs other potential buyers that the item might soon be sold. If the purchase is successful, the listing will typically be marked as “sold.” However, if the deal falls through, you can switch the status back to “available,” opening the door for new inquiries and potential transactions.

What does offer pending mean on Facebook Marketplace?

Offer pending” on Facebook Marketplace indicates that someone has offered to buy a listed item, and the seller is considering the offer. During this time, the listing is not yet marked as sold; instead, it’s in a state of consideration. Other potential buyers can still express interest or make offers, but the seller is currently in the process of deciding whether to accept the pending offer. It’s a temporary status that highlights ongoing negotiations and helps keep all interested parties informed about the item’s availability.

Do pending listings show on Marketplace?

Yes, pending listings do show on Facebook Marketplace. When a listing is marked as “pending,” it is still visible to other users browsing the Marketplace. However, the “pending” status indicates that someone has expressed interest and a potential transaction is in progress. It serves as a notification to other potential buyers that the item is currently under consideration. If the pending sale is unsuccessful, the seller can revert the status back to “available,” making it visible again for new inquiries.

How do I cancel an order on Facebook Marketplace pending?

To cancel a pending order on Facebook Marketplace, you can follow a few simple steps. First, navigate to your Marketplace profile and locate the pending order you wish to cancel. Then, click on the order to open it and look for the option to cancel the order. This option is typically found under the order details or settings. Once you’ve selected the cancel option, you may be prompted to provide a reason for the cancellation. After confirming the cancellation, the pending order will be canceled, and both you and the buyer will be notified of the cancellation.

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