make Windows 11 look like Windows 7

how to make Windows 11 look like Windows 7

Microsoft introduced significant changes with the Windows 11 update, providing a fresh feel. However, not everyone is a fan of the new look. If you miss the classic Windows 7 vibe, you can easily bring it back. Here is how to make Windows 11 look like Windows 7 with a simple skin.

Windows 11 makeover involves adjustments to the Start menu and taskbar, delivering many users a modern and fresh experience. However, some individuals find these changes unnecessary and adverse to their workflow.

Are you missing the iconic Windows 7 appearance? 

You can easily make your new PC or laptop resemble Windows 7. Third-party tools and Microsoft’s official settings offer options to tailor your Windows 11 to match the familiar look you love.

Make Windows 11 look like Windows 7

Making Windows 11 resemble the familiar Windows 7 interface isn’t a straightforward task, but you can still customize certain aspects.

without third party

Adjust Taskbar Position and Appearance Adjustment: Without third-party.

In modern versions of Windows, the taskbar is typically centered at the bottom of your screen. However, if you prefer the classic Windows 7 style with the taskbar on the left, you can easily revert to this layout by following a few simple steps.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select “Taskbar settings.
  • Inside Taskbar settings, navigate to “Taskbar behaviors.
  • Under “Taskbar alignment,” opt for “Left” from the dropdown menu.
  • Close the Taskbar settings window.

Your taskbar should now be aligned in the familiar style of Windows 7.
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open shell

Make Windows 11 Start Menu look like Windows 7 with Open Shell

If you miss the old Windows 7, Start menu on Windows 11! Use a tool called Open Shell. Here’s how:

  • Download “Open Shell” (formerly Classic Shell) from its official website.
  • Install “Open Shell” on your computer by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once installed, open “Open Shell Settings.”
  • Step 4: Pick “Windows 7 style” as your preferred Start menu style.
  • Customize other settings as you like.
  • Click “OK” to apply the changes.

Enjoy the comfort of the classic Windows 7 Start menu in just a few simple steps!


Make Windows 11 Start Menu look like Windows 7 with Start11 

Make your Start Menu a reminiscent delight of Windows 7 by using Start11:

  • Visit the Stardock website and download the Start11.
  • Launch the Start11 installation file in the “Downloads Folder.”
  • Agree to the license agreement and proceed by clicking the “Next” button.
  • Confirm the installation location and click the “Next” button.
  • Once the application launches, opt for the “Left-aligned” option for the taskbar.
  • Confirm that your Start menu theme is set to the “Windows 7” option.

Congratulations! You’re all set, enjoying a Windows 7-style Start menu on your Windows 11 system.


Make Windows 11 Start Menu look like Windows 7 with WindowBlinds11

Transform the appearance of your operating system to mirror the classic Windows 7 style using WindowBlinds11:

  • Launch the installation file for WindowBlinds 11 located in “Downloads Folder.”
  • Agree to the WindowBlinds 11 license agreement and proceed by clicking the “Next” button.
  • Confirm the installation location and click the “Next” button.
  • After WindowBlinds 11 launches, navigate to the “Download more styles” tab.
  • Locate the “Aero 11” style in the list and press “Download.” This style closely resembles the stock Windows 7 theme.
  • Return to the Styles tab and click “Apply style to desktop.
  • Congratulation! Your operating system is now transformed, sporting the familiar aesthetics of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Wallpaper

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Change Desktop Background and System Icons for a Better Experience

To fully capture the Windows 7 aesthetic, let’s customize your desktop background and system icons:

  • Download the original Windows 7 wallpaper, or choose a Windows 7-style wallpaper that suits your preference.
  • Right-click” on your desktop and select “Personalize.”
  • Under the Background section, click “Browse” to choose the downloaded Windows 7 wallpaper.
  • Navigate to the “Themes” option in the left sidebar of the Personalization settings.
  • Under “Related settings,” click on “Desktop icon settings.”
  • Enable the desired system icons and, if you wish, apply a Windows 7-style icon pack for a more authentic look.


After completing these steps, your Windows 11 PC will take on the familiar appearance of a Windows 7 machine. You’ve adjusted the desktop wallpaper, fixed the taskbar, brought back the Start menu, and tweaked window appearances at the operating system’s core. If you’re accustomed to Windows 7. These simple changes can give your modern PC the feel of an older one, offering a comforting touch.


Is Windows 7 better than Windows 10 11?

No, Windows 7 is not better than Windows 10 or 11 in most ways. Here’s a comparison of the three operating systems:


  • Familiar and stable interface.
  • Runs well on older hardware.
  • No forced updates.
  • No longer receiving security updates (since January 2020).
  • Lacks many new features of Windows 10 and 11.
  • Some software and hardware may not be compatible.


  • Still receiving security updates until October 2025.
  • Wide range of features and functionality.
  • More compatible with modern software and hardware.
  • It can be resource-intensive and run slower on older hardware.
  • Some forced updates can be disruptive.
  • The interface can be cluttered and confusing for some users.


  • Most up-to-date and secure version of Windows.
  • Improved performance and efficiency.
  • New features like Snap Layouts and Auto HDR.
  • Modern and streamlined interface.
  • Requires newer hardware with TPM 2.0.
  • Some older software and hardware may not be compatible.
  • The interface can be a significant change from Windows 10.

Is Windows 11 heavier than Windows 7?

Yes, Windows 11 is heavier than Windows 7 regarding resource usage. Here’s a breakdown:


  • For Windows 7, it is recommended to have a minimum of 1GB RAM, but optimal performance is achieved with 2GB.
  • For Windows 11, a minimum of 4GB RAM is required, with 8GB recommended for most users.


  • For Windows 7, the minimum processor requirement is a 1 GHz processor, but better performance is recommended with a 2 GHz processor.
  • Windows 11 requires a minimum of a 1 GHz 64-bit processor with two cores or more.


  • Windows 7: The minimum requirement for Windows 7 is 16GB of free disk space, but 32GB is recommended.
  • Windows 11: 64GB of free storage is required, but 128GB is recommended.

Which Operating System is the lightest?

Tiny Core Linux

This Debian-based distro weighs in at a mere 10MB and boots entirely in RAM. It’s a text-based system with basic tools like a web browser and text editor.

Is Win 11 slower than Win 10?

Whether Windows 11 is slower than Windows 10 is a complex question with no definitive answer, as it depends on several factors.

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